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Rick’s Wet Paint has more than 25 years of experience and provides the highest q

Quality in materials and workmanship in both painting and home improvements. Our services have been completed throughout the entire El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Cameron Park, Placerville and Shingle Springs areas. Rick’s Wet Paint takes pride in our services which includes interior, exterior, residential and commercial, painting. Feel free to take a look around and we hope we can help you somehow in the future. We strive to bring our customers the Highest Quality in Interior, Exterior House Painting, Commercial, and Industrial Painting.

Rick’s Wet Paint will give competitive price matching as long as we can compare a written estimate from our competitors. We only use premium paints to ensure the best and long lasting paint jobs. We also provide color matching from other paint companies like: Kelly Moore Paints, Benjamin Moore Paints, Sherwin Williams Paints, Home Depots Paints, Lowe’s, Ici Dulux Paints. We ensure that all colors that are matched will be exactly like the samples that are given.

The goal of Rick’s Wet Paint is to provide the highest quality workmanship and creativity for each and every customer. This is achieved by the use of superior products to ensure durability and customer satisfaction. Rick’s Wet Paint takes pride in utilizing extremely qualified, well trained staff who exhibit the utmost integrity and mutual respect for themselves, their team and foremost for the customer. Property owners face many challenges without having to worry about vendor performance. Rick’s Wet Paint promises that your job will be monitored to insure owner satisfaction.

On Time Completion:
Your start and finish dates are important to you and to Rick’s Wet Paint. We stand committed to starting the project and finishing the project on time.

Every Job is Different:
Rick’s Wet Paint provides an on site consultation for our customers. We visually inspect each property, point out any deficiencies, what the current needs are, and work with you to select the appropriate "plan of action" to complete your job properly. Complete written proposals, along with references and insurance verification, will be provided.

Rick’s Wet Paint recognizes that any project, large or small, can disrupt the lives of our customers. Privacy, Trust and Respect are critical for our customers. So we will continue to serve our customers always with that in mind.

Services We Provide:

• Residential Interior Home / Exterior Home Painting
• Commercial Painting / Industrial Painting , Apartment & Condo Painting
• New Home Construction and Remodel Painting
• Staining / Varnishing
• Pressure Washing
• Deck Refinishing
• Custom colors / Color consultation
• Matching of existing colors
• Free Estimates

What We Do:

• Power wash exterior of house to remove mildew and dirt.
• Scrape loose paint as needed.
• Apply primer where needed.
• Hammer in nails where needed.
• Caulk where needed around trim, windows & doors.
• Patch holes as needed.
• Cover concrete with tarps.

• Set-up: Floors and furniture are carefully protected.
• Prep: Walls & trim are properly prepared for paint application.
• Painting: Premium quality paint is applied for proper coverage and beautiful color.
• Cleanup: Working areas are left clean and tidy.
• Inspection: Thorough examination is performed with you to ensure satisfaction.

Licenses / Credentials :
• C-33 Painter

Serving El Dorando Hills, Folsom, Cameron Park, Summit Village, Arroyo Vista, Jayhawk, Shingle Springs, Sprekelsville, Bullard, White Rock, Orange Vale, Kingsville, Diamond Spring, Cold Springs, Brela, Gold River, Placerville, Granite Bay

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Services Offered:

  • Residential Interior Home / Exterior Home Painting
  • Commercial Painting / Industrial Painting
  • New Home Construction and Remodel Painting
  • Staining / Varnishing
  • Pressure Washing
  • Deck Refinishing
  • Custom colors / Color consultation
  • Matching of existing colors
  • Free Estimates
How to Find an El Dorado Hills Painting Contractor

If you own your own home you probably enjoy doing some of the maintenance yourself, but if you don’t like heights or climbing ladders, painting can be a little intimidating. Finding a professional painter to handle the job might be the better and safer option when dealing with ladders and high places. An El Dorado Hills painter can safely and quickly complete the job for you.

The idea behind painting your home is to make it look better but if the work is shoddy or the paints and primers are of low quality, you won’t achieve the desired results. It’s easy for someone to say they’re a painter but it really requires some specific skills to do a good job so you’ll need to do a little homework before you hire just anyone for the job. No matter what the size of the project is, you need to feel assured that you’re hiring the best painter for your specific job.

Where to Look for Your Prospective El Dorado Hills Painting Contractor

Once you know you need to hire a qualified El Dorado Hills painter to do the work there are a lot of ways to begin looking. Home improvement centers and paint stores are a good place to check. Many contractors, including painters will use the bulletin board to post their information. Use the computer to do a search online for a database of local qualified El Dorado Hills painters. These listings can often involve time and money that usually only a professional will bother with.

Find out if anyone you know has ever hired a painter in the past. If someone has used the services of a painter, they’ll probably be willing to show you as well as let you know if they are satisfied with the work or not. If you feel the El Dorado Hills painter provided professional work, you can ask for his contact information.

Talking with the El Dorado Hills Painting Contractor

It’s not usually a good idea to hire an El Dorado Hills painter simply because he offers you a low estimate. Take some time to talk with each painter about what you want done and don’t hire anyone before you get an estimate. Ask a few painters to visit your home and do an onsite walk through with you. Talk with each one about their knowledge and years of experience as a painter. Ask if they have ever done any work with other contractors or homebuilding companies. Being hired by other contractors is often a good sign that their work is up to standard.

Request proof of current state license and insurance policies from each El Dorado Hills painter. Every El Dorado Hills painter should have liability insurance to protect you in case of damage. If they have employees that work with them you need to make sure they also have workers compensation insurance. Should a worker be injured while on your property you could be held liable for medical expenses if there is no workers compensation in place. Be sure any painter you want to hire is bonded. If he fails to fulfill the terms of the contract the bond will provide protection in helping you get your project completed.

Follow up on any references provided by the El Dorado Hills painter but don’t rely on them as your only basis for hiring someone. Having references is always a good idea but remember that are any discontented customers out there, they won’t be on the list. The Better Business Bureau is a better choice when it comes to checking out any contractor. They can tell you if there are any complaints on file and if they were satisfactorily settled. A complaint or two is not unusual but finding out how they were taken care of is very important.

Once you have your short list of painters, you’re ready to ask for some bids. Every El Dorado Hills painter approaches the job differently, from the products he uses to the final cleanup process. This can make comparing bids confusing. There might also be different methods used in preparation work. One painter may only use a pressure washer for exterior preparation while another might painstakingly scrape and sand the entire surface. These methods vary in the time and effort involved and it will reflect in the bids you receive. Provide each El Dorado Hills painter with a detailed list of what you want included in your particular project. By setting some guidelines you should get back some uniform bids that will be much easier to compare.

The El Dorado Hills Painting Contractor Contract

After you’ve located the El Dorado Hills painter that you believe is the one you want for your project it’s time to talk about a contract. Your contract with the painter should outline the project, the steps involved, the type of paint to be used and the cost of all materials and labor. Any contract should also contain all necessary contact information for the painter along with his state license number and copies of insurance policies. Make certain that a time frame for completion of your project is included.

Find out if the painter includes a guarantee for his work if there is a problem with fading, chipping or peeling within a specific amount of time. Ask to get it in writing to ensure that any such repairs will not be at your expense. The paint itself will probably have a warranty but that doesn’t include the expense of having the work done all over again.

You want to hire a painter you can rely on. He’ll most likely be doing much of the work when you’re not there and it will be impossible to know exactly how thorough he is. And once the job is done you really have no way of knowing if the surface was actually primed or how many coats of paint were used. It’s just as important to hire a reliable El Dorado Hills painter as any other contractor and you need to find the one best suited for your project.


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"I have hired Mr. Rick Gosalvez for several different projects in and around my home. He was first employed to paint my extensive grape trellis and patio cover. He did a wonderful job and was able to match the paint color perfectly, melding an old structure with new construction. I then hired him to paint two bedrooms, two bathrooms, several doors and casings. He was invaluable in helping with the selection of paint color and once again, did a great job. Mr. Gosalvez is a professional, very reasonable in his pricing and completes the project on schedule. I would highly recommend him for any painting project."

Gayl G.

"I have used Rick's Wet Paint for two jobs over the last year. I have found Rick and his crew to be professionals that do a quality job. During each of the projects, his crew was neat and clean. They communicated well, and they finished the project within the specified time. I was so pleased with their efforts that I would not hesitate to use Rick's Wet Paint for future projects. If you have any questions or would like further information, please call me directly."

Rodney B.

"We are glad to write this memo on Rick's behalf as he did a wonderful job painting our home. He spent a week at our home because he does it himself, he takes pride in his work and he paints as though it was his own home. That's what we enjoyed most about Rick. My husband is an engineer and when Rick was done, he walked the job with Rick and didn't find any problems and was happy with the work. Rick didn't want any money from us until the job was completed. It was almost 2 weeks later when he came for his paycheck because we were having a new side garage door installed and he waited to complete his paint job for our new door. You're welcome to come by our home and take a look for yourself. It now has great curb appeal!"

Cheryl and Jeff S.